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30 March 2020

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George Brown

Great!! I’ve never won anything before!

Like · Comment 22 ·3 April, 2019

Harry Evans

I thought it was a scam, but I received the gift card this morning by mail. I’d like to do more surveys!

Like · Comment 8 ·2 April, 2019

Jack Williams

I love offers like this!!!

Like · Comment 50 ·16 April, 2019

Olivia Smith

At first I thought it was a joke, but I really got my €450,00 gift card! I’ve already told my friends so they can get theirs too! lol

Like · Comment 32 ·1 April, 2019

Lily Walker

I participated, I won and in only 5 days I received my gift card! Thank you very much guys

Like · Comment 54 ·31 March, 2019

Paul Clarke

I won! I won!! I’ll celebrate it today!!

Like · Comment 51 ·30 March, 2019

Oscar Thomson

Any other survey I can do?

Like · Comment 18 ·29 March, 2019

Emma Davies

Shit I never win anything :(

Like · Comment 20 ·28 March, 2019

Amelia Taylor

Can I get my gift card today? Thank you

Like · Comment 19 ·27 March, 2019

Megan Harris

Have you ever seen something like that? Maybe you had a bad day, but you can try it more times!

Like · Comment 29 ·26 March, 2019

John Standing

They called me and told me I won! I am super happy!!

Like · Comment 32 ·25 March, 2019

The prize is €450,00 LIDL gift cardLIDL is not organizer nor sponsor of this promotion.